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Ballast Tank Chem

Maintenance of Ship Ballast Tank always be a scientific job. We have sediment mud silt poly electro dispersant, corrosion inhibitor, tank core cote, Algae control, sludge dispersant, etc. which help to remove and destroy/inactive biological organisms (zooplankton, algae, bacteria) from ballast water. To know more about the products click here.

Boiler Chemicals

Boiler is heart of industries, When matter comes for ship’s boiler we have specialized maring grade boiler chemicals like combitreat, One shot Multi plus, oxygen control, Sludge conditioner, Hardness and alkalinity control, ph. booster, Morpholine etc. many classified products are in this group for shipping industries. To know more about the products click here.

Coolant Glycol Antifreeze

Coolant plays very important role in running machinery parts where temperature continuously increasing. Uses of coolant not only protect the precious engine and surrounding parts but also increasing the efficiency of engine works. We have more than 34 ranges of coolant for marine Ship’s engine. To know more about products click here.

Cooling Water Chemical

We cover more than 85 cooling water treatment chemicals which include Rocor NB, Diesel Guard, Biocide, Corrosion Inhibitor, Cooltreat, Antifouling which help you to remove damaging impurities from your cooling tower feed water, circulation water, and/or blowdown. To know more about the products click here.

Deck cabin galley

Ship Deck cleaning and maintenance is on top priority job for crew members. We have more than 162 products to simplify deck maintenance jobs on the ship. Our TURBHA MIDC, Navi Mumbai Plant is only 45 Minutes distance from Mumbai Port – Yellow gate. You order us, we’ll deliver degreaser on your ship. To know more about the products click here.



Cleaning of oil grease, carbon deposits, soil deposition, and lube oil not a big task, if degreaser present in your store. We have varieties of degreaser, Its formulation is fully dependent upon specified cleaning requirement. To know more about the products click here.

Drain Clean Products

Cleaning of the drain is very easy when drains are getting chocked simply pour our Drain Cleaner. As chocked drain sewer not only flow of water but also smell badly with lot of growing GERMS. We are keeping the various sizes of drain cleaners as per our Ship Chandler demands. To know more about the products click here.

Electrical Cleaner

Electrical motor and machinery parts maintenance and cleaning is very sensitive as such equipment also contain soft metal parts. We have electrsol Quick Dry, Electrosol Non-Flammable, Electrosol Plus, and many more grades for shipping industries. To know more about the products click here.

Engine room Maintenance

Bilge Cleaner, Disc Cleaner, ACC-009, OSD, Seaclean, Chembreak, Waterless Hand Cleaner, Turbine Cleaner etc many more ship maintenance cleaning marine chemicals are kept in this category. Our ship chandler makes us no-1 seller for marine chemicals in Mumbai. To know more about the products click here.

Evaporator Treat

Evaporator treatment is a chemical additive that prevents the formation of scab, scale, sludge in high and low-pressure freshwater producing systems. The product is also effective in removing the scab which was formed before the usage of Evaporator Treatment. Vaptreat, Hydrazine, Antiscalant etc plays important role in Evaporator system on ship. To know more about the products click here.

Fuel Treatment

Preparation of ship hold for next cargo is a big task for ship charterers. We have more than 70 types of ship hold cleaner which help to minimize the cost and also proper selection of cleaner makes cleaning easy. Aquatuff, Coal remover, cement remover, Rock Phosphate Cleaner, PCS hold clean, Muriatic Acid, Sodium Hypochlorite, Hold Brite, Pet Coke Remover, etc. To know more about the products click here.

Oil Spill Chem & Accessory

OSD – Oil spill dispersant is the most popular product in Marine Industries. We are keeping ready stock of OSD in various sizes including 20, 25, 50 Ltr carboy. Our minimum stock limitation at the warehouse is 5000 Ltrs. Also, we provide various type of accessories like Sorbent Pads, Oil Boom, Oil Absorbent Pillows which help you clean up the oil spill. To know more about the products click here.

Paint and Cleaning solvent

Paint remover, Paint solvent thinner, Mix solvent, etc. are classified in this group. We have more than 40 items in this class that help your boats, ships, ferries, and other watercraft waterproof and protective. To know more about the products click here.

RIGS Oil Field

Various grade of Rigs Wash detergent, Teepol, Oil Sludge Cleaner, etc kept in this category. Our group division are keeping ready stock at KAKINADA, Visakhapatnam, Chennai, Kolkata, Kandla, Mumbai, Fujairah. To know more about the products click here.

RO Chemicals

Reverse Osmosis Chemicals covers full range of RO membrane cleaners and detergents, scale inhibitors and antiscalants, corrosion inhibitors, biocides, antifoulants, de-chlorinators, flocculants and many more. Easily available at Mumbai – Maharastra. To know more about the products click here.

Scale Remover

Our descaler is developed by our founder member at 1995 by special dissolving formula of scale with corrosion inhibitor and buffer action. This philosophy always proof that our descaler is best among all others product. Our single drop of descaler have great value towards scale dissolving reaction and its buffer action gives metal protection. To know more about the products click here.

Tank Cleaner

Tank cleaning detergent covers more than 140 types of tank cleaner. Alkaleen Safety Liquid, Hcf, LAC, Edge Cleaner, Seaclean, Metalbrite, Bunker Cleaner, CTC VLC, DI water, Methanol, p Xylene, Butyl Cellosolve, Buffer Cleaner, Veg oil cleaner, Inviro Clean, Advance Tankclean etc. And may more Tank cleaners are in this group. To know more about the products click here.