Navigating the Chemical Epoch with Mumbai Chemical: The Epitome of Benzoic Acid Distribution, Manufacturing, and Supply

Embarking upon the exhilarating journey through the corridors of chemical mastery, Mumbai Chemical crystallizes its stature as the leading Benzoic Acid supplier, manufacturer, and distributor, not only permeating the diverse industries of India but also marking a robust presence across the globe, encapsulating the Middle East and various cardinal cities worldwide.

Benzoic Acid Unveiled
CAS No: 65-85-0
Formula: C7H6O2
Product Description:
A staple in multiple sectors, Benzoic Acid, with its characteristic white, crystalline appearance and subtle, benzoin gum-like odor, is renowned for its versatile applications, juxtaposing preservative and medicinal functionalities with aplomb.

Usage & Application:
Food Industry: A preservative against fungi and bacteria.
Pharmaceuticals: Ingredient in cough syrups and ointments.
Plastics: A key player in the production of certain plasticizers.
Product Parameters:
Grade Standard: Food Grade, Pharmaceutical Grade
Certification: ISO, HACCP, etc.
Purity: Minimum 99%
Appearance: White crystalline solid
With the lodestar of unbridled quality guiding our voyage, Mumbai Chemical anchors its name amidst the elites, promising Benzoic Acid that adheres to, and often transcends, global specifications.

Advantages Under the Mumbai Chemical Banner
Prodigious Production Capacity: We harness technologically advanced production capabilities.

Uncompromised Quality Control: Adhering to a strict regime of quality checks.

Customization Expertise: Crafting solutions that mirror client specifications.

Inside Mumbai Chemical
Mumbai Chemical navigates the seas of chemical manufacturing and supply with an undeterred dedication to quality, commitment, and client satisfaction, casting a global shadow of unparalleled reliability and quality assurance.

Physical Properties & Logistics
Melting Point: 122.4 °C
Density: 1.2659 g/cm³
Solubility: Partially soluble in water
Ensuring a cool, dry, and ventilated environment, safeguarding against moisture and incompatible materials.

Quality Inspection:
An unwavering adherence to stringent quality inspection of each batch.

Packaging & Infrastructure
Packing: Tailoring packaging solutions that champion safety and convenience.

Plant Area: Our sprawling facilities, a blend of technology and innovation.

Payment & Quotation Terms: We embrace a plethora of payment terms, enhancing transactional ease.

Nearest Port: Mumbai Port

Import & Export Mode: Harmonizing sea and air freight, assuring a solid global reach.

Global Reckoning
Emanating from the heart of Mumbai to:

Middle East: Tehran, Abu Dhabi, Istanbul…

Worldwide: Los Angeles, Berlin, Shanghai, Rio de Janeiro…

Concluding Notes: The Mumbai Chemical Odyssey
In the resplendent journey of Mumbai Chemical through the epochs of chemical mastery, we have sculpted not just products, but legacies. Our commitment isn’t just to the unparalleled quality of Benzoic Acid we manufacture, distribute, and supply, but to a relationship forged in the unwavering trust and satisfaction of our clientele across the globe. As we glide through the currents of innovation, technology, and supreme quality, we welcome you to be a part of our journey, a journey where your industrial needs and our chemical expertise converge to script stories of success.

For an association that promises purity, reliability, and a steady partnership, connect with us at

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