Marine Chemicals Manufacturers in Mumbai

Marine Chemicals Manufacturers in Mumbai

Mumbai Chemicals is one of the largest and most reputed marine chemicals manufacturers in Mumbai, India. Our long-term experience in the chemicals field has enabled us to reach such a top-notch position among the marine chemicals manufacturers in Mumbai.

In this article, we will be displaying some of the most important marine chemicals used widely in the Middle-East, India, Singapore, and many other countries. So keep patience and start learning about the most demanded marine chemicals today!


Degreaser’s main purpose in the marine chemicals field is to get rid of grease, oil stains and dirt. Our Degreaser is used to remove any kind of dirt, oil & grease from the surface. specially formulated using premium quality chemicals and according to the international quality standards in the foam of waterbased, powder base or solvent base at very cost-effective prices. Mumbai Chemical is the leading manufacturer and supplier of Degreaser Heavy Duty all over UAE and Middle East countries. Our RXSOL-10-1005-025 Degreaser powerful surfactant based cleaner degreaser works where others fail. Formulated with several different ingredients including a dual surfactant system. This formula works on extremely tough jobs that require extra strength. RXSOL-10-1005-025 Degreaser is specially manufactured using high-quality chemicals at our sophisticated manufacturing unit. These are highly acknowledged due to their accurate composition and effectiveness.

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There are several diff-different ways to tackle oil spill at sea. But the best method is to collect the oil and physically recover it from the water. However, mechanical recovery of oil is not feasible in rough weather conditions. Secondly, cost of oil cleanup by mechanical means is high as compared to chemical cleanup methods.

Fujairah Chemical is the leading manufacturer and supplier of OIL Spill Dispersant all over UAE and Middle East countries Our RXSOL-17-1058-025 is the new, 3rd generation dispersant which is the latest water and Surface Active Agent-based formulation oil spill dispersant with no flash point, non toxic and free from petroleum distillate and soluble in sea or fresh water. use as Type II. It can be used concentrated or diluted to a ratio of 1:10 depending on the contamination level. It is an efficient and environmentally friendly product containing no hydrocarbons. It has been specifically designed for oil dispersion at sea, it can be applied by spray from booms on work boats, hand sprayers.

Available in various packing from 10, 20, 25, 210 Ltrs.

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Other than making paint thin, paint thinner is also used to make oil-based chemicals thin. This is a very effective and highly demanded chemical because of the large requirement of thinning agents and solvents in the marine chemicals market.

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Our specially formulated de-emuslisifier consists of expensive chemicals which act as the best de-emulsifying agents. Our vast knowledge in the marine chemicals field has enabled to do keep on doing the Research and Development and finally fine THE BEST DE-EMULSIFIER IN THE MARKET.




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