Mumbai Chemical: Pioneering the Realm of Calcium Chloride in India

Embarking upon the profound journey within the vast expanses of the chemical industry, Mumbai Chemical has diligently etched its name as a frontrunner in supplying, manufacturing, and distributing Calcium Chloride, permeating not only the industrious cities of India but also expanding its tangible presence across the Middle East and notable global cities.

Decoding Calcium Chloride
CAS No: 10043-52-4
Formula: CaCl2
Product Description:
Calcium Chloride, presented as a white crystalline solid at room temperature, is prolifically utilized in myriad applications, converging versatility and efficacy with its hygroscopic nature and ability to dissolve in water.

Usage & Applications:
De-icing Agent: Utilized for melting snow and ice on roads.
Food Industry: Employed as a firming agent and preservative.
Construction: Used in concrete mixes to accelerate curing.
Product Parameters:
Grade Standard: Food Grade, Industrial Grade, etc.
Certification: ISO, FSSAI, etc.
Purity: Typically available from 90% to 99%
Appearance: White crystalline solid
Procured and manufactured while adhering to international standards, our Calcium Chloride assures quality and efficacy par excellence.

Unveiling Our Advantages
Colossal Production Capacity: Adhering to a technological and innovative approach.

Rigorous Quality Control: A structured regime of quality checks.

Sculpting Customization: Crafting products that align with distinct client prerequisites.

Inside the Universe of Mumbai Chemical
With a reputation intricately woven with quality, commitment, and client satisfaction, Mumbai Chemical represents an oasis of unparalleled product quality and customer service within the realm of Calcium Chloride and beyond.

Physical Properties and Provisions
Melting Point: 772 °C
Density: 2.15 g/cm³
Solubility: Highly soluble in water
Immaculate storage in a controlled environment, mitigating exposure to moisture and ensuring preservation of quality.

Quality Inspection:
A stringent procedure to affirm the quality, purity, and efficacy of every batch.

Logistical Insights
Packing: Employing an array of packaging solutions, prioritizing safety and stability during transit.

Plant Area: An expansive and technologically equipped facility to ensure an unhindered production flow.

Payment & Quotation Terms: Flexible and varied, supporting seamless business interactions.

Nearest Port: Mumbai Port

Import & Export Mode: Streamlined through both aerial and maritime routes.

A Global Footprint
Extending our roots from:

Middle East: Riyadh, Dubai, Cairo…

Global Cities: New York, London, Singapore…

Mumbai Chemical doesn’t merely stand as a supplier, manufacturer, and distributor but emerges as an entity that has interwoven its ethos with every grain of Calcium Chloride it delivers. We don’t merely engage in transactions; we forge relationships, catalyzing a symbiosis between our chemical expertise and your industrial requirements. As we tread upon paths unseen, we beckon you to embark upon this journey with us – a journey where every interaction is more than business, and every product, a testament to our shared success.

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