Calcium carbonate supplier in Mumbai

Mumbai Chemical: Spearheading the Calcium Carbonate Industry in India

Sailing with grandeur through the ocean of chemical industry leadership, Mumbai Chemical proclaims its dominance as a paramount Calcium Carbonate supplier, manufacturer, and distributor in India, boldly extending its reach across the entirety of the Middle East and the world’s foremost cities.

Exploring Calcium Carbonate
CAS No: 471-34-1
Formula: CaCO3
Product Description:
Calcium Carbonate, a compound of exceptional utility, proudly flaunts its white, chalky appearance and imparts myriad applications across diverse industries, being a cornerstone material for manifold products and processes.

Usage and Applications:
Industrial: In cement production and construction materials.
Healthcare: Antacid and calcium supplement.
Food & Beverages: Food preservative and firming agent.
Product Parameters:
Grade Standard: Industrial, Pharmaceutical, and Food Grade
Certification: ISO, GMP, and additional relevant certifications
Purity: Up to 98.5%
Appearance: White powder or colorless crystals
Ensuring a product that rivals global standards, every particle emanating from Mumbai Chemical assures peak performance across versatile industrial applications.

Our Undeniable Advantages
Expansive Production Capacity: Showcasing a potent and technologically innovative production setup.
Absolute Quality Control: Exacting and rigorous quality assurance from inception to delivery.
Wholistic Customization: Crafting solutions specifically tailored to unique client needs.
About Mumbai Chemical
Unveiling the realms of chemical expertise, Mumbai Chemical stands as a monument of impeccable quality, client satisfaction, and unrestrained excellence within the diverse domain of Calcium Carbonate and beyond.

Physical Properties and Methodologies
Melting Point: 825 °C (Decomposes)
Density: 2.71 g/cm³
Solubility: Insoluble in water
Maintain in a cool, dry place, isolated from incompatible materials.

Quality Inspection:
Every batch is subjected to rigorous quality inspections, ensuring compliance with our stringent standards.

Logistical Insight
Packing: Utilizing diverse packaging strategies prioritizing safety and client convenience.

Plant Area: Vast, innovative, and technologically abreast to guarantee seamless production.

Payment Terms: We accommodate varied payment terms to facilitate smooth global transactions.

Nearest Port: Mumbai Port

Import & Export Mode: Facilitated via air and sea routes to confirm robust global connectivity.

Spanning the Globe
Magnifying our influence from:

Middle East: Muscat, Kuwait City, Beirut, etc.

Worldwide: Tokyo, Paris, Moscow, Toronto, and more.

Mumbai Chemical doesn’t merely traverse the path of chemical production and supply; it crafts a saga where our Benzoic Acid isn’t just a product but a testament to our unwavering commitment, quality, and client-centered ethos. With a visionary approach, we curate solutions that don’t just meet but often exceed global standards, propelling industries forward with our impeccable product lineup. As you meander through the realms of our expertise, we invite you to create synergy with a company where your needs and our solutions coalesce into a partnership destined for unbridled success.

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