Mumbai Chemical: Your Trusted Aluminum Nitrate Supplier and Manufacturer in Mumbai, India


Welcome to Mumbai Chemical, your reliable supplier and manufacturer of high-quality aluminum nitrate in Mumbai, India. With a strong commitment to excellence, we take pride in delivering top-notch products that cater to the diverse needs of our customers not only in Mumbai but also across India and globally. In this blog post, we will provide you with a comprehensive overview of our aluminum nitrate, including its CAS number, chemical formula, product description, usage, applications, product parameters, advantages, company information, packing details, plant area, terms of payment, the nearest port, and import/export mode. Let’s delve into the world of aluminum nitrate with Mumbai Chemical!

CAS Number and Chemical Formula: The CAS number for aluminum nitrate isĀ 7784-27-2, and its chemical formula is Al(NO3)3. It is a compound composed of aluminum, nitrogen, and oxygen atoms.

Product Description: At Mumbai Chemical, we offer superior quality aluminum nitrate manufactured using advanced techniques and adhering to stringent quality standards. Our aluminum nitrate is a white crystalline solid known for its excellent solubility in water. It is highly hygroscopic and has various applications across different industries.

Usage and Applications: Aluminum nitrate finds extensive usage and applications across multiple industries. Some common uses include:

  1. Chemical Manufacturing: It serves as a vital ingredient in the production of various chemicals and compounds, such as catalysts, dyes, and pigments.
  2. Water Treatment: Aluminum nitrate is utilized in water treatment processes for coagulation and flocculation, assisting in the removal of impurities and suspended solids.
  3. Textile Industry: It is used in textile dyeing processes to enhance color fastness and improve the affinity of dyes to the fabric.
  4. Agriculture: Aluminum nitrate is sometimes used as a foliar spray or soil amendment in agricultural practices to provide essential nutrients and improve plant growth.
  5. Pyrotechnics: It is a key component in the formulation of pyrotechnic mixtures, adding brightness and intensity to fireworks and flares.

Product Parameters: Our aluminum nitrate product meets stringent quality parameters to ensure its effectiveness and reliability. Some important product parameters include:

  1. Purity: Our aluminum nitrate exhibits high purity levels, ensuring its suitability for various applications.
  2. Solubility: It is highly soluble in water, allowing for easy incorporation into different processes and formulations.
  3. Crystalline Structure: Our aluminum nitrate has a well-defined crystalline structure, ensuring consistency in its physical properties.

Advantages of Mumbai Chemical: When choosing Mumbai Chemical as your aluminum nitrate supplier, you can expect numerous advantages, including:

  1. Superior Quality: We prioritize quality and ensure that our aluminum nitrate meets rigorous industry standards.
  2. Advanced Manufacturing Techniques: Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility utilizes advanced techniques to produce high-grade aluminum nitrate efficiently.
  3. Diverse Applications: We understand the diverse needs of our customers and provide aluminum nitrate that caters to a wide range of applications.
  4. Customization Options: We offer tailored solutions to meet specific customer requirements, providing flexibility and personalized service.
  5. Reliable Supply Chain: Our extensive network allows us to efficiently supply aluminum nitrate to customers in Mumbai, across India, and globally.

Mumbai Chemical is a reputable company based in Mumbai, India, specializing in the production and supply of chemicals, including aluminum nitrate. We have gained recognition for our commitment to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. With years of experience and expertise, we have become a trusted partner for businesses in various industries.

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