Car Care Products-Necessary Chemicals for Cars

Car Care Products-Necessary Chemicals for Cars

Mumbai Chemicals manufactures RXSOL brand Car Care Products in Mumbai. We are one of the largest and most renowned Automobile manufacturing/ car care products manufacturing companies in Mumbai, India

We have been manufacturing premium quality RXSOL brand car care products and are in touch with some of the most renowned car washes. Our expertise in the Automobile sector has allowed us to reach such a height in the Auto Care Sector. We have manufactured highly demanded car care products which have been a necessity in the Automobile market.


RXSOL CAR WASH HIGH FOAM: Car Wash High Foam is an excellent chemical which a necessity in the car automobile cleaning sector. Our Car Wash High Foam as the name suggests produces a lot of foam in very large volume. This foam contains excellent emulsifiers that easily remove the oil, grease, dirt, mud, dust etc within one wash only.

Car Wash High Foam is one of the most supplied and manufactured chemicals from us as it is the necessity for washing cars easily without much scrubbing.

RXSOL DASHBOARD CLEANER: Dashboard Cleaner is extremely a necessity when it comes to taking care of cars. In the interior of cars the area prone to dust, stains etc is the dashboard. Therefore, we have been manufacturing one of the most efficient dashboard cleaners.

Dashboard Cleaner is extremely easy to use. Just spray a small amount of the chemical liquid on a damp cloth and just wipe your dashboard. It will become clean and all the stains will be removed.

RXSOL TYRE POLISH – ALL VINYL CONDITIONER: This is a very superb and amazing chemical which makes your car’s tyre brand new. This chemical makes the brown, grey and dusty tyre’s of your car turn into tar-black colour. Thereby, making your car’s tyre even better than new.

It is an extremely useful chemical which is used a lot in the car washes. We have the contacts of more than 100+ car washes in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Each and every car wash in our contact has loved the Tyre Polish – All Vinyl Conditioner a lot!


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