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Teepol RXSOL Manufacturer supplier and wholesaler distributor based in Navi Mumbai Turbhe MIDC and Crawford Market Masjid bunder Mumbai Maharashtra. Teepol RXSOL-12-T-300-10 is a multi-purpose heavy-duty cleaning soap solution used as a common dirt remover in residential, commercial and industrial cleaning processes. Teepol also classified as Universal cleaner for home, institutes, plant and machinery. compatible with all type of surfaces. RXSOLTeepol T 300 most popular to use as Surface And Utensil Cleaner. Best Classified and selected cleaner to Used for Household and also Used for Industry.

Teepol RXSOL is an all-purpose Multi cleaner. Teepol also classified as a multipurpose cleaning agent
Teepol RXSOL is a blend of emulsifier with Anionic Surfactant and preservative.
Teepol RXSOL is 100% Soluble in Water and resulting Biodegradable cleaner

Application of RXSOL Teepol in the various field also commonly used in Pharma and Bulk Drug Industry to clean reactor, vessels, utensils, tables, floors and walls. And Teepol liquid also used in Food, Beverage and Dairy Industry as multipurpose cleaning cum degreasing of stubborn greasy fat and protein deposits and stains of milk and milk products on aluminium / plastic crates, floors, walls, tables and other food contact surfaces.

We are supplying teepol in marine Shipping and Rigs Oil Field Companies for cleaning of vessels, tanks, floor and walls of containers.

Teepol supplier in Navi Mumbai, Panvel, Mumbai Musjid Bunder Crawford Market, Rabale, Pawane MIDC, Taloja, Udhna, Surat, Gujarat. Supa, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra. Mumbai, Maharashtra. Chinchwad, Pune, Malegaon, Malkapur, Manmad, Miraj, Mumbai, Nagpur, Nanded, Nandurbar


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